About us

We’re made for Pilots and much more.
CAA FNTP II MCC Accreditation Pending.

Formed in 2016, we are AlphaTech, Northern Ireland’s first and only Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator. Our A320 Sim offers a 1:1 scale, accurate representation of an Airbus A320 Flight Deck, with all switches, buttons, levers and importantly the Airbus ECAM software simulated accurately.

We offer Sim Assessment Preparation Training for pilots attending airline selection and simulator assessments with airlines in Europe. We also offer block hours at discounted rates with or without an Airbus A320 Instructor.

Open to the public for experiences and events.

EASA CAA FNPT II MCC Accreditation is currently pending.

We are committed to providing excellence in Pilot Training that is not only affordable but also accessible.